Thursday, August 30, 2012

UPDATE I'm still alive :) encouragement for the GRINDERS

Hey guys,

I had a great summer...and took a long time off from blogging..
I'm back in school so hopefully I will be able to login and catch up with you guys!
I am taking Spanish II so my life will be foriegn for the next 4 months. I'm excited about that :)
To anyone out there grinding!!
For those of you who are attending school AND
working 2 or 3 jobs....AND
in social clubs, sports, ministries, friends, families, moms, dads, big brothers, big sisters.....AND
coming home and taking care of any sort of responsibilities.....
I understand....please be encouraged...this is the day of technology and some times I cringe at it because the world is going so fast..
I have to tell me self sometimes to slow down to not get so selfish in the grocery a conversation....
sometimes I have to STOP!!! and enjoy nature...get outside run..walk...smell the to my long winded friendly neighbor, who I have much respect neighbor is from the old school if he sees someone pulled over on the side of the road he will pull over and ask if he can help...he will BBQ and share with me and some other neighbors...WHERE are people like that who care about other people and have compassion...did they move out of Texas? US?
I am on a roll..
thats my question of the day...If you are out there and you are just working so hard keep believing in yourself and God who put that goal and tenacity in you...

maybe this post  is for me :)

this summer I went to Mexico! It was fun I will try to upload a pic or two soon!
I was a bridesmaid in one of my bestfriends wedding, in Cozumel!
Do I recommend going to Cozumel???
HECK YES!! If you love the beach, and great weather, and haggling for the best price when you shop then
I believe you will enjoy the land and the people!

I pray all is well with you! I hope you have a lovely Labor Day WEEKEND!!!
be safe!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day? What does it mean to you?

                                                    Happy Memorial day guys!
 I wanted to say thank you to all who have family members who have fought, died, lived, lost a limb, lost friends, loved ones, coworkers, moms who have lost husbands, husbands who have lost wives, children who have lost parents to any type of war..
Whether the war be in your hood, your house, your city, your country, your nation...I want to say may the peace and love of God be with you and may you grow strength each day that passes. Thank you for your sacrifice and heart for what you believe in.  God bless you, and your country and God bless America!
Stay Fabulous
Koko! <3

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Some shots I took in photography class...last shot is not by me :)

by Koko

by Koko

by Koko

by Koko

I am going to make a shirt***this is fly!!!
Stay Fabulous!

Friday, May 25, 2012



Hey watch, subscribe, comment, like, share, and enjoy!!!! Tiffany I am so proud of you gurl!!!!
Stay Fabulous!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jamming to Ms Natural by Brown Audio/Update on As I Am

Shout out to all the Naturals
Join me and check out Brown Audio's song called "Mrs Natural"....Yeah I like it
Angela Davis!
notice all the shout out to Natural products, I heard Miss Jessie, Jane Carter, and Shea Moisture...and a shout out to Angela Davis ...anyway check out the song....

Sunday, May 13, 2012


TO all the moms, potential mothers, and mentors to someones child. If you are a lady HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!
WE love you all!
YOU all are special
YOU all are unique!
To my momma
I love you more than you know...
you are a special lady.
Thank you for being that strong, loving, funny, wise MOM.
I thank God for you and your impact on our family.
I would not be here with out you MOM.
Thank you for not giving up, as a single mother and doing what you have to take care of us...
You are a precious stone, that will always be cherished and loved!
<3 your

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hair!!!~~~AS I AM reviews coming soon!

Hey folks!
I hope you had a great start to May! I had a rough week, so I am glad its going to be the weekend!

I just want to let you guys know I am trying out the AS I AM Curling Jelly & the AS I AM Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner.

I just started and so far i really like the Hydration Elation...It smells tropical I will it were smells like coconut goodness, I really wish you could scratch and sniff...Hey they need to make a perfume this smell I will wear it out, and a lip gloss, detergent...I could go on really I ok enough you get the point I hope.
So look forward to this review..I recently dyed my bangs blonde so hopefully this will intensely condition my colored hair...

I am bad at combining products so I will try to stick to using these products i will try not to mix a curl definer with the Curling Jelly & I will try not to use another deep conditioner..
but what if I get great results with combinations...well whatever I do I will let you know....
Stay Fabulous!!!